About me

I am a Reasearch associate and PhD student at the Phillipps-Universität Marburg with the mentorship of Prof. Dominik Heider and Dr. Georges Hattab. My research lies at the intersection of Bioinformatics, DNA storage, and Data Visualization. Currently, I work on providing solution for long-term information storage problems that are based on the molecular storage media(e.g., DNA). My efforts are focused on developing a framework for automatic analyses and visualization of chemical storage clusters.

Previously, I worked in the field of molecular biology, particularly whole genome sequencing and annotation research, as a research fellow and supervisor at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture(Ibadan, Nigeria) with Dr. Andreas Gisel. I has also received a fellowship from the Wellcome Trust (United Kingdom) and H3Africa (South Africa), and earned my masters’ degree in computer science, with a specialization in Bioinformatics, from the University of Ibadan. Prior to that, I earned my bachelor’s degree in computer science from Anambra State University, Uli.

My complete CV can be found here.